A Trip, not a Tour

Swiss Hardcore in Morocco

Documentary Film | 80 Minutes | Switzerland 2014

In 2003 in Morocco, fourteen Heavy Metal musicians and fans have been sentenced to lengthy prison terms for lewd conduct and defamation of Islam. After protests by Casablanca’s youths they were pardoned a few weeks later.
Ten years later, swiss Hardcore band VALE TUDO is set to find out about how things have since changed for Morocco’s alternative music scene. They hit the road with the aim to play at least four shows in ten days.

Contains interviews with Nabyl (Reborn), Nada (Infected Noise), Ayoub (Mean Street), Khalil (Riot Stones), all members of Vale Tudo and many others.

«‹A Trip, not a Tour› shows how heavy music and the fascination for it can bridge the gap across geographical, cultural and religious hurdles and how friday prayers and Rock ‘n’ Roll are quite compatible.»
Der Bund

«Hartmann gains an insight into moroccan society and its youth cultures. On top of that, this film will prove everyone wrong who has always thought of Hardcore musicians as maladjusted freaks.»
Berner Kulturagenda